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Signs of an Incompetent Attorney

There are instances when the services of a lawyer usually come in handy. When that happens, it is imperative that you choose wisely to avoid frustration and heartache associated with hiring an unscrupulous lawyer. When retaining lawyers, more so new lawyers, make sure that you critically investigate them for any warning behavior. There are lots of attorneys practicing and so it is safe to assume that there are some rotten members amongst them. The kind of lawyer that you settle for may mean the difference between a positive verdict and losing your case. The following pointers will be very handy when looking out for the warning signs when choosing a lawyer at

Any great lawyer worth his salt will tell you that there are no guarantees in your case. Don't make the mistake of hiring a lawyer who is quick to promise you victory. Despite the trial favoring you, it is vital to have a lawyer who is not recklessly overconfident. Seasoned lawyers know that surprises can arise during trial, therefore, they don't promise victory beforehand.

No self-respecting law practice can run smoothly without support staff. In as much as the lawyer is the one who represents you in court, the staff plays a major role in ensuring that your case runs smoothly. Due to lots of legwork related to the case, the support staff are very helpful. Secretaries, paralegals, plus a host of other staff are crucial to any case. Furthermore, lack of adequate staff may mean there's financial trouble at the law firm at

For any relationship to thrive, there has to be effective communication. For the bond between the lawyer and clients to be strong, there have to be well-defined means of communication. Responding to messages should be done promptly. Regardless of whether you use email, text or phone calls, communication should be top notch. It can be very unfortunate if the lawyer returns the client's messages a day later.

Never retain a lawyer who has a history of illegal or unethical behavior. Such lawyers will bring nothing but trouble to your life. Prior to hiring lawyers, make sure that they are not tainted and that they have nothing to hide. If a lawyer uses unorthodox methods in the course of the case, the judge might declare a mistrial or the case might be thrown out. If a lawyer has a rotten reputation, getting respect and recognition from judges will be next to impossible.

When meeting a potential attorney, the state of the office can tell you tons about the kind of practice he runs. An office in a state of neglect will show a practice that is struggling financially. A disorganized and shabby-looking office tells a story of inefficiency and ineffectiveness. The tips outlined above will help you avoid unprofessional and bogus lawyers. Learn more details about the importance of lawyers, go to

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